Are 240V smoke alarms mandatory in QLD?

8 April 2021
Posted in Smoke Alarms
8 April 2021 Ann Fell

Since 2017 the new Queensland smoke alarms legislation requires the following:

  • New homes built (or substantially renovated) from 2017 must be fitted with 240V interconnected photoelectric smoke alarms. (AS3786:2014)
  • Rented residential properties must be upgraded by 2022.
  • Residential properties sold from 2022 must comply.
  • Owner occupied residential properties must comply by 2027.

Many already have 240 V alarms installed due to existing building codes.

The legislation requires existing 240V alarms to be replaced with 240V interconnected photoelectric smoke alarms. (AS3786:2014)

It is not mandatory to use 240 V  for the extra alarms  required to comply, i.e. each bedroom, hallways leading to bedrooms and on each floor.


  • If 240V exists, they may be replaced with new 240V alarms that are able to link wirelessly by radio frequency (RF) to 10 year lithium battery smoke alarms in the rest of the house – avoiding the cost of running wires. Note: A licensed electrician is required to install 240V products.
  • If no 240V alarms already exist, you may add 10 year lithium battery smoke alarms in all required locations which will link wirelessly by RF. – least expensive method of upgrade.
  • Of course, if you have money to burn, go ahead and use hard wiring to upgrade your whole house.

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